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911 T/E 2.4 1973 Light Yellow
The purity of the line from the windshield bay to the stern. Real sensations at the wheel, the simplest and probably the most beautiful of the Porsche 911 Classic.

911T Targa 2.4 1973 Pastel Blue
Targa means 'Shield' in Italian, it is also from the name of the famous race, the 'Targa Florio', inspired by Harald Wagner, the designer of this 911 Classic!

993S 1988 Paladio

The Paladio color was officially launched for the 996. In 1998, the last Porsche 993 couldbenefit in 'Paint to Sample' in the color Paladio/Mirage (color code L555). There is only one other 993 S in the USA in this color in tiptronic and a C2 in Germany.

993 Convertible 1995 Riviera Blue
Latest version of the air-cooled Porsche 911s. Only 7 examples of blue 993 Cabriolet Riviera made by the factory. A rare model from the USA.

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