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Classic Passion 911 dedicated exclusively to Classic Porsches

Welcome to probably the most wonderful French 911 Classic Porsche website !

It offers both the community of confidential and exclusive relationships via its social networks (20 000 followers) and a unique Marketplace where enthusiasts members can buy, sell, swap or rent their aircooled Classic Porsche. 

The classifieds section is now open for private owners to subscribe and advertise their Classic Porsche for sale, to swap, to rent,  for free.

Professionals and dealers can advertise for free within the launch period of this new ad section.

Classic Porsche parts are also available to buy, for sale or to swap.

Classic Porsche dealers promote their 911, 912, 914, 356, 964 or 993 for sale. 

The nicest published pictures of Classic Passion are available here !

Our latest video, live from le Mans Classic 2018

In March we went to Retro Classics which happened in Stuttgart.

More crazy movie Monta-Sunset-Drive ! 

Check here the video of the OutClassic Law !

Essen Techno Classica, happened every year and is the most important European Show where amazing Classic Porsche are displayed.

Of course we went to Rétromobile the French national exhibition place where vintage cars are presented. presents you the only best 911 Classic Porsche.

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The vehicles below are shown as an example. For each911 Classic, a quick historical description is made. A maximum of photos and films have been collected to best illustrate the aesthetic and practical aspects of these Porsche vehicles from Stuttgart.


If available and in order to share as much information as possible, work carried out on certain 911, 912, 550 BECK, 993 or 997 models is presented. This can range from changing the bulb, to replacing the speakers, to total restoration.

The idea is to be as descriptive as possible with as many illustrations of these cars as possible.

Here the videos from Classic Passion 911.

Click on the pictures of911 models presented below to access the full reports:


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Example of total restoration of a 911 Targa Pastel Blue from 1973 and a red 912 Polo from 1966


911 & 912

Discover exclusive photos taken by Gilles DESVALLOIS


Exclusive pictures

International evolution of the Porsche 911 market since 2006

Market trend

Evolution since 2006

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Classic Passion reports

The models of Classic Passion 911 
911 2.4 T Porsche Classic

911 T/E 2.4 1973 Light Yellow
The purity of the line from the windshield bay to the stern. Real sensations at the wheel, the simplest and probably the most beautiful of the Porsche 911 Classic.

911T Targa 2.4 1973 Pastel Blue
Targa means 'Shield' in Italian, it is also from the name of the famous race, the 'Targa Florio', inspired by Harald Wagner, the designer of this 911 Classic!

911 Targa 2.4 T Porsche Classic
912 1966 Porsche Classic

912 Built 1965 MY 1966 Polo Red
Delivered to Mannheim in January 1966, this 912 wasrepatriated to the USA by its owner.

Original color Polo Red.

993 Cabriolet Porsche Classic

993 Convertible 1995 Riviera Blue
Latest version of the air-cooled Porsche 911s. Only 7 examples of blue 993 Cabriolet Riviera made by the factory. A rare model from the USA.

 Porsche 993 S Paladio

993S 1988 Paladio

The Paladio color was officially launched for the 996. In 1998, the last Porsche 993 could benefit from 'Paint to Sample' of the Paladio/Mirage color (color code L555). There is only one other 993 S in the USA in this color in tiptronic and a C2 in Germany.

550 Beck Spyder #1

Manufactured by Chuck BECK in April 1983, this replica could well be the first made by this artist based on a real Spyder 550.

Classic Porsches for sale
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Film Classic 911 Market
Market trends

It is possible to follow the evolution of the global market trend of Porsche Classic. A tool available free of charge, such as ''the Hagerty Valuation Tool'' lists all of the Porsche 911 classic auctions worldwide.

In the example plus, the evolution of the selling prices during the last sales for the 911 T of 1973. The price of the vehicles is analyzed according to their condition. 4 detailed conditions are presented. 


By clicking on the 'Trend' buttons, in near real time, the evolution of the 'Auctions and Announcements' odds for the 911 classic, 912 classic, 964 and 993. Thanks
After a sharp rise between September 2010 and September 2014, we note a decline at the end of 2014. Then from January 2015 to November 2015, a strong upward recovery to reach again, the values of September 2014. The values tend to stagnate, perhaps because of a drop in the number of transactions.

The Salon in Stuttgart in 2020 confirmed the trend validated above.

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Site edited by passionate and committed Gilles DESVALLOIS

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